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About Us

A first –rate Pre-University College of Science,where an ambitious, intelligent and diligent student can shape his future had been a long felt need of the twin cities of Hubli and Dharwad. This need was met by the ceaseless efforts of Dyavappanavar-Valasang Education Academy for quite sometime in the form of a coaching institute. The dream of the Academy has been realised in the estalishment of an ideal Pre-University Science College, recongnised by the Govt. of Karnataka and the P.U. Board, Bangalore.
The fame of the college has spread beyond the twin-cities to the entire state.
Chetan Pre-University Science College,establised in 2004-2005,
Sachetan Pre - University Science College, esablished in 2010-2011,has assumed the responsibility of ‘Moulding Minds To Excel’
Dyavappanavar – Valasang Education Academy, Hubli has established a creditable record through its Chetan Pre-University Science College. The Academy expanded its sphere of activity by establishing Chetan Public School, Hubli during 2008-2009. This permanently co-educational, English Medium School with State Syllabus is recognized by the Government of Karnataka. The School which began with hardly 50 students of 8th std in 2008 has now 422 students in 2011-12. The First Batch of S.S.L.C students passed out in 2011. The Motto of the School is “Moulding Minds to Excel”.
Prof. G.V Valasang, President, D.V.E Academy
Prof. G. V. Valasang is a leading light in the academic horizon of Hubli - Dharwad. An M.Sc. in Chemistry with a vast experience of teaching thousands of students in leading colleges of North Karnataka, he is alive to the needs of knowledge - hungry students of both rural and urban areas. His sound common - sense and unique gift for transmitting to the students secrets of grasping the concepts of Chemistry and grappling with the problems of the subject have earned for him their respect and admiration. His simple looks and manners conceal his intellectual calibre. This special quality of his attracts a host of students towards him who are eager to draw inspiration from his example.
Prof G.V. Valasang
M.Sc. / President
He is so devoted to his mission that he sacrifices his creature comforts to the task of enhancing the standards of Chetan Pre-University Science College and Chetan Public School.
Along with Prof. Mahesh Dyavappanavar, Prof. G. V. Valasang is the prime force behind this educational adventure.
Prof M.H Dyavappanavar, Secretary, D.V.E Academy
Prof. Mahesh Dyavappanavar is a distinguished and familiar name in the academic and social circuits of Hubli - Dharwad. Armed with an M. Sc. in Physics and endowed with an uncanny gift for making the toughest of problems in Physics extremely easy for the students, it is no wonder that he has become the most popular teacher of the subject in this region of Karnataka. Before launching the Chetan Pre - University Science College, his coaching classes, run under the aegis of D.V.E. Academy at Hubli, were a roaring success for a number of years. Students would line up to secure admission to his coaching classes, because his teaching ensured success in competetive examinations such as C.E.T.
However, Prof. Mahesh was not satisfied with this success , because he is a dreamer, the most colourful of his dreams being the founding of an excellent regular P.U. Science College and an ideal Public School. The result is the establishment of Chetan Pre-University Science College and Chetan Public School at Hubli. Prof M.H Dyavappanavar
M.Sc. / Secretary
Dr. R.R. Patil, Chairman, D.V.E Academy
Dr. R. R. Patil, a distinguished academician and educational administrator with an enlightened outlook, has brought to bear upon the institutions of the D.V.E. Academy, the beneficial impact of his experience as a former Professor of Chemistry and Principal of the prestigious S. Nijalingappa College, Bangalore. As a member of many academic bodies such as the University Senate and Academic Council and the Text Book Committe, his ideas on education are permeated with progressive and fruitful thoughts. His qualifications, M.Sc. and Ph.D in Chemistry, strengthened his determination in helping to found the Chetan Pre-University Science College and Chetan Public School.
Dr. R.R. Patil,
M.Sc. Ph.D. - Chairman
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